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Beginner Yoga Tips for Your First Class

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

1- Arrive early for your first class (10-15 min early) to find the location, sign forms and ask any questions.

2- Bring a yoga mat, towel and water. You can borrow a mat for the first class so you can see if yoga is for you before making any purchases. The studio has extra mats, water and towels if you forget. Yoga mats are sold at the studio for $25. Wear comfortable gym clothes. Just so you know- yoga is done barefoot.

3- Yoga poses look very different between students due to age, shape, limitations, injuries and anatomy. The purpose is not to force your body into a particular yoga pose shape, but to feel good in the poses and use the modifications provided by the teacher as needed- this will allow the body to heal and prevent injury. Pain should never be felt in any pose. Some discomfort is normal when healing from injuries. If pain is felt, stop immediately and discuss with the teacher after class. Stop and breathe at any time you need a break.

4- Beginners yoga is slow and the postures are thoroughly explained however, that doesn't mean it's easy. Yoga builds strength and flexibility and can be very challenging if you haven't worked out in a while. Muscle soreness is very common 24-48 hrs after class. As a beginner, start very slowly and see how your body responds before challenging and pushing yourself. Slower the better in yoga!!

5- Drink lots of water following class to help rid the body of toxins that are being released from yoga poses.

6- Do not eat a big meal before class- it is very uncomfortable to practice yoga and twist/bend the body with a full belly. A very light meal or smoothie is a better choice if you need to eat :)

7- Have fun!! Yoga doesn't need to be so serious. JGY has a great community of students of all ages, body types and abilities. We grow and heal together and more importantly, we have a great time while doing it.

If you have any question for me don't hesitate to email Can't wait to see you on the mat!!!

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