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Can Yoga Really Help My Back Pain?

The ACA American Chiropractic Assoc. reports back pain as the leading cause of missed days at work and work disability and effects 80% of the population at some point in their lives. 265 million dollars are spent each year on medical costs related to back pain in America. Plus, the over prescribing of pain killers and the effect of the opioid crisis in America has been just devastating to say the least. These numbers are staggering, yet not surprising.

Back pain is not one size fits all and there are many reason one can have back pain- common causes include pore posture, obesity, stress, muscle imbalances around the spine and pelvis, arthritis, herniated disc, bulging disc, spinal stenosis, nerve root /spinal cord issues and many more. It is VERY important to consult with a physician and explore imaging to find the root cause of the condition since many injuries can mimic or have similar symptoms while having different treatment protocols.

Although back pain can come from a variety of reasons, many people find yoga a simple and effective choice to improve their back pain. A very common cause of back pain is a weak core with tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Something so simple as bending over and picking up a pencil can cause the back muscles to spasm. When these muscles are imbalanced, they can tilt the pelvis out of alignment and pull on the muscles of the lower back. A simple stretching and core strengthening routine, in yoga, can help balance the muscle sand improve or eliminate back pain entirely without the need of costly medical treatment. However, yoga is not always the answer and it's VERY important to consult your physician for appropriate plan of care which may include physical therapy. Make sure your doctor approves yoga and communicates which movements should be avoided or modified as you heal.

Yoga can be a great tool to help improve your physical and mental well-being and it’s no surprise yoga is becoming more popular than ever. More and more doctors are recognizing the benefits and referring patients to practice yoga. Athletes are practicing yoga more than ever because it improves their recovery and reduces injury. It’s time to take back your body and live pain free!!

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