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I have been in the medical field and health and wellness industry for 37 years as both a physical therapist and a personal trainer. Joanna is teaching yoga classes at my office in Huntington Valley and is by far the best and most knowledgeable yoga instructor I have encountered in over three decades.

Dr. Dave Trumbore

Joanna’s love for yoga has carried over into her teaching . Her energy and willingness to try new things to adapt standard yoga posses and make them work for me in my wheelchair has been amazing . As I improved and grew stronger she constantly researched new poses to challenge my body . Her relaxed attitude made learning yoga easy for me.

Pat S.

I've done mixed martial arts for about 34 years. I've always had issues with different parts of my body especially my lower back. Came to finally realize after all these years I have been stretching for my warm up and cool down incorrectly and that has been doing more damage than good on my body. After learning and training under Joanna I have felt and seen improvements in my body where I once was feeling hurt, sore and old, I now feel more loose, relaxed, pain free and most importantly stress free. Training Yoga with Joanna has really helped me reset my mind, body and spirit. Something I believe everyone needs in their lives.

Jon R.

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