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Joanna MS, PA (ASCP) is a certified yoga teacher at Keystone Kokikai Aikido in Southampton, PA specializing in teaching beginners and students with chronic pain. She also travels the world teaching yoga for athletes with the World Kickboxing Series. You can find Joanna in the early mornings dissecting human, organs and tissues in a Pathology laboratory. Her vast knowledge in anatomy and human disease has helped her feel confident with a wide range of students with varying injuries and body types. In 2010 she received a BS in Bioscience technologies at Thomas Jefferson University and worked in a research laboratory. 2014 she received her MS, PA (ASCP) in Pathology and Anatomy at Drexel Medicine. Additionally, she holds certifications in personal training and reiki. Yoga, fitness and health have always been her passion and she loves helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Our Classes

Vinyasa Yoga

A 1 hour yoga slow vinyasa class consisting of breath work, seated warm up, core poses, standing poses, floor poses followed by a sound bath meditation. The vinyasa style class is physically challenging and will strengthen the entire body and nervous system. Modifications will be provided to make the postures accessible. All-levels welcome.

Yin Yoga

A 75 minute yoga practice done mostly on the floor with poses held for 2-5 minutes. The longer holds help release the deep myofascial layers of the body including the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and nerves for improved flexibility and stress relief. Stretching coupled with deep breathing gives a super relaxed post yoga feeling that help you sleep soundly. All-levels welcome.


1 hour gentle yoga class online is an interactive yoga class perfect for the student recovering from injuries or wanting a softer flow. I carefully watch my students and provide modifications for all body types and injuries. The class consists of breathe work, core strengthening poses, standing pose for balance, floor poses and meditation. Very beginner friendly.


Mon                            Wed                         Thu 

7:00 pm                           7:15 pm                        9:00 am

   Vinyasa                             Yin                    Gentle/Online

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The Studio

Teaching yoga in the Bahamas to the USA Kickboxing team and multiple champions around the world!

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